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Welcome to the new community space created for the people of Mosley Common. 

It all started several years ago when new housing was planned on the fields behind St John's church here in Mosley Common. The vicar at the time, Julian Hartley worked with the housing developer to construct a path from the new housing on Church Vale to the land at the side of the church.  The vision was to provide pedestrian access through the church grounds to Mosley Common Road so people could access the shops, school and community amenities in the village. Wind forward several years and we now have the new housing along with the new retail complex and proposed health facilities. It is an exciting time of residents in Mosley Common as we see these massive changes.

Inspired by the work done with the community at RHS Bridgewater just down the road in Worsley and the need to provide green spaces we can all enjoy and benefit from, St John's have put together a exciting plan to develop the land between the brook and the church  into a Community gadren for all.

The first phase of the plan was to get a new path installed and with the help of Cllr Barry Taylor and Tom Clay from Parr Bridge Retail park who has generously funded and constructed the new pathway for us, the path is now in place for us all to use! A huge thank you from the Parochial Church council (PCC) and the community for this great starting point in bringing this vision into reality.

There are lots of exciting ideas for the area but this is completely dependant on accessing funding as well as input and help for yourselves in the community. This will be a space for us all to enjoy, with access to woodland, provide a haven for wildlife and devop a space to help with our wellbeing. 

Over the coming months and years let's see how together we can develop a beautiful, ecological and restful place right in the heart of our community.  Watch this space for updates about plans and events!

Project lead - Nick Hardman


Sunday 24th October 2021 at 10am - Meet at the church

Bulb planting along the new path

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