St John's Church - Mosley Common

Vision Statement

As Christians we are called by Christ first and foremost to be wholehearted committed to Him as our Saviour and Lord and as we are called together to be a part of His People, the church.

As a local church, we aim:-

i. To be committed to worshipping the living Lord on a regular basis, in a way that honours God, reflects the community and attracts newcomers

ii. To be committed to praying for God’s work in the parish, the nation, and across His world and for one another

iii. To be committed to sensitively sharing the good news of Jesus with those around us, wherever He has placed us.

iv. To be committed to allowing the Holy Spirit to help us to grow in Christian maturity and to form the character of Jesus within us, enabling us to live out the teaching of the Scripture on love, forgiveness and acceptance.

v. To be committed to seeking out the gifts of every church member and encouraging them to be used in the service of Christ.

vi. To be committed to the encouragement and support in every practical way of every church member, to build up the church in love and to promote the unity of the Spirit.

vii. To be committed to our community and to show God’s love by our special concern for those who suffer and our search for justice and reconciliation in our society.

viii. To be committed to actively supporting those involved in mission work, both home and abroad.





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