Open Deanery Synod Meeting on Zoom
24th February 2021
19:30- 20:30
27 January 2021

To: Clergy, churchwardens, PCC secretaries and Deanery Synod members of the Leigh Deanery

Dear friends in Christ

I am writing to you to invite you and through you members of your respective PCCs as well as other members of your worshipping communities to an open meeting of the Leigh Deanery Synod to be held virtually on Wednesday 24 February 2021 @ 7.30pm. This will be a Zoom meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to consider at a deanery level the proposals for mission communities that are currently being discussed in and around the diocese. This will follow the virtual meeting to be held on Friday 29 January that is being convened and hosted by Bishop Mark, Bishop of Bolton. Please find with this letter of invitation a summary of the mission communities proposals document, which if you have not read it in full is available on the diocesan website.

The format for the meeting on 24 February is as follows:
7.20pm: Zoom Opens
7.30pm: Welcome and Opening Prayers
7.40pm: Summary of the Mission Communities Proposals
7.45pm: Breakout Rooms
8.15pm: Feedback using chat function
8.30pm: Closing Remarks and Blessing

As we all know, the Deanery of Leigh will become part of the new, larger Deanery of Salford and Leigh later this year. We will have an opportunity to give thanks to God for our fellowship in the current deanery when we meet on 24 February. The Standing Committee and I look forward to the time when we will be able gather together in person to give thanks and celebrate the life of the deanery.

With my prayers
The 32 page, diocesan discussion document can be found on this link (Iain Hodcroft)



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