Missionary Meeting with Stephen Bell at Elmwood church
19th February 2018
Invitation to Missionary Meeting with Stephen Bell 19th Feb, 2018 at Elmwood church, Eccles

Elmwood Church, Eccles Old Road, Salford, M6 8AG

Link to their website directions... http://elmwoodchurch-salford.org.uk/contact-us/

It would be absolutely great to see you, if you can make it next week to Elmwood church, Eccles, where we have a room for a meeting of some 30 people, especially those who support Tabita and myself and the work.

I have long ago wanted to get many key people together from various local churches in the Lancashire/;Manchester region and so would love it if you could come to this meeting of some 30 prayer supporters at Elmwood.

We would have arrivals and tea/coffee etc at 7pm and start the more formal part at 7.30pm - approx 8.30pm, leaving most probably at 9pm.

We would have opportunity to chat and catch up, and I could speak, show slides, give a report and have time for prayer and Q/A.

So, please tell me if (that!) you can come.

Best wishes,




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